This forum covers the war for the Princedom of the Fictional City of Hollow Bridge in North Carolina.
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 Player Knowledge vs Character Knowledge...

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PostSubject: Player Knowledge vs Character Knowledge...   Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:05 am

There are going to be times, throughout the game where situations happen involving supernatural abilities.  While, as players, you will more than likely know (or have access to) everything printed in the core book, it needs to be brought to the forefront that your character will not necessarily know.  To use an example, the Presence discipline:

All characters would know of the discipline name, and that it can affect their emotions to one degree or another.  However, only characters in possession of the discipline would know the exact effects of it, and how it can be circumvented...with a few exceptions, most noteworthy being Clans who possess the discipline (subject to house rules stated here) and Clan Tremere with the ritual Pavis of Foul Presence in effect.

It would be greatly appreciated if you roleplayed your character correctly during any period that they may be affected by a supernatural effect by following the laid down guidelines contained within the core rulebook.  If you are in any doubt about how your character may be affected, please contact me and I will do my best to assist you.

Clan Structure
Certain Clans have organisation that should not be known by anyone from outside. Some specific examples of this are:

Nosferatu - ShreckNET
Only the Nosferatu would know of ShreckNET.

Tremere - Heirarchy
While players may know of the organisation of the Tremere, those not of the clan would now know about Apprentices, Regents, Lords, Pontifices.

Ventrue - Dignitas and Gerousia
While Ventrue are known to be stereotypically formal, anyone outside the clan would not know of the specifics of how it is organised, particularly the Ventrue Board (Gerousia).

There are probably more that I have not covered, but please try to use a common sense approach when dealing with scenes involving this information. To summarise it in one sentence:

Without the relevant Clan Knowledge (A Secondary Ability, thus not used on Hollow Bridge) your character should not know any specific information.
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Player Knowledge vs Character Knowledge...
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