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 Torpor Caused by Wounds...

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PostSubject: Torpor Caused by Wounds...   Tue Jan 17, 2017 8:46 am

In the event of being put into Torpor by physical damage, the character may attempt to come around.  This is not an easy feat however.  Following receipt of sufficient wounds, the player may roll the Character's Humanity Rating diff 8.  Each success on this roll allows a point of vitae to be spent on healing wounds subject to the following restrictions:

  • For each point of vitae spent after the first, a point of Willpower must also be spent.
  • In order to become capable of movement, a character must heal to the Crippled Health Level.
  • Once healed to this level, the character may heal in the usual manner.

Example: Aaron Goodson takes sufficient bashing/lethal wounds to put him into Torpor (Overflow 2).  He rolls his Humanity and scores 3 successes, meaning he can spend 3 vitae and 2 willpower on healing his wounds.  Luckily for Aaron, this is enough to bring his Health back to the Crippled Level.  He then spends 6 vitae to heal the rest of his wounds, placing him back at Uninjured.
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Torpor Caused by Wounds...
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