This forum covers the war for the Princedom of the Fictional City of Hollow Bridge in North Carolina.
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 Character Creation...

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PostSubject: Character Creation...   Sun Jul 03, 2016 10:15 am

Character Creation Rules
This game is a Camarilla only game.  Character creation is as described in Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised), with some subtle differences. These are mainly in Backgrounds, and are mentioned below in fuller detail.

Unrestricted Clans
Characters from these clans are completely unrestricted in number:

Restricted Clans
Characters from the below clans/bloodlines are restricted in number and must be Camarilla aligned:
Assamite (Max 2)
Caitiff (max 3)
Lasombra Antitribu (max 2)

Other bloodlines may be permitted on request.

Banned Clans
Followers of Set

Please do not ask to play a member of a banned clan as refusal will be the result and may cause offence.

1 Free in each plus Primary 7, Secondary 5, Tertiary 3

Primary 13, Secondary 9, Tertiary 5
Secondary Abilities are banned.

3 dots in Clan Disciplines. No Out of Clan Disciplines permitted! Caitiff are further restricted in their choice of disciplines. They may not start with any of the disciplines listed below due to them being unique to a specific clan as this could give a hint as to the clan that sired them:

Chimerstry - unique to Ravnos
Dementation - unique to Malkavian
Necromancy - unique to Giovanni
Obtenebration - unique to Lasombra
Protean - unique to Gangrel
Quietus - unique to Assamite
Serpentis - unique to Followers of Set
Thaumaturgy - unique to Tremere
Vicissitude - unique to Tzimisce

You have 5 dots to spend.  You will notice that Generation is more expensive...this is deliberate as I'd rather not have a whole bunch of 8th Generation Kindred running around. Allies, and Contacts should have their roles clearly defined. Similarly, high levels of Fame, Mentor, or Resources should be accompanied by suitable justification.

Generation (costs 2 pts per dot)
Status (Caitiff are not permitted to have this Background at Character Creation, it must be earned during play)

1 Free in each plus 7 to be divided according to taste.

Humanity is equal to the sum of Conscience + Self Control.  All character will follow Humanity, Paths of Enlightenment are banned.
Willpower is equal to Courage

Freebie Points
15 Freebie Points which are spent at the following rates as described in Vampire: The Masquerade (Revised) P104:

TraitCost per dot
Attribute5 Freebies
Ability2 Freebies
Discipline7 Freebies
Background1 Freebie, except Generation which costs 2 Freebies
Virtue2 Freebies
Humanity1 Freebie
Willpower1 Freebie
Please provide details of how and where these Freebie Points were spent as it makes the character approval process much quicker.  Also, please remember that Freebie Points spent on Virtues do not affect your Humanity and Willpower.

Merits & Flaws
As a general rule, I prefer not to use Merits and Flaws.  This is due to previous experience of online games where I have seen Merits overplayed and Flaws underplayed or not played at all.  I have no specific bias against them but would like to make you aware that they will be monitored if taken and will be enforced if used.

Character Submission
When complete, please email your completed character sheet to  Character sheets submitted via any other avenue will be rejected.  Your character sheet will be looked over and checked, and any comments or queries will be directed to you.  Once approved, your account will be configured as soon as possible to permit you to start the game.
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Character Creation...
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